Gingy Tyrene

Gingy is a 17 years old girl that is forced to face with hardships after her teacher is turned into a zombie.

Biography Edit

Gingy is a 17 year old girl who resides in Boston, Massachusetts. She goes to Boston University and is one of the smartest in her class. After the apocalypse started Gingy and here companions (Bobby Roosevelt, Harry Young) depart from the college and meet up at her house. Soon they see a survivor named Monty: She is a scientist who is looking for supplies, and his body guard Jonathan "Broski" Samuelson. After they go outside they are attacked by zombies and Harry is killed. They escape the zombies but Jonathan mistakes Bobby for one of them and shoots his leg off. Gingy then picks him up and the group carries on. After barely surviving Gingy and the rest of the group accuse Bobby for Harry's death. Bobby is then attacked by Jonathan and ends up shooting himself. They advance in Monty's truck and find a town. Right when there about to enter Monty is mauled by a zombie. Then a small child named Timmy shoots the zombie and takes them to an enslaved town in which the town decides to sacrifice Jonathan. Right before his death a rogue citizen named Joseph guns the towns folk down and warns them of a zombie horde. Gingy then Witnesses Jonathan get cut in two by a chainsaw. The group escape the town only to run into a castle that is supposedly a hotel. Two men come out and take them to there room. In the middle of the night Gingy and Joseph try to sneak out but one of the people give Gingy a drink. She drinks it and falls unconscious. Joseph also accepts and goes down too. They then find themselves in a freezer. They realize that this hotel people are cannibals that eat there customers. They find a lady that has been there for 6 days. Gingy negotiates a release, that lets her and Timmy free while Joseph is left in with the lady. She tells Timmy to hack the gate open. After a minute or two, Joseph is out but is taken hostage by one of the cannibals. Suddenly a zombie horde comes and Joseph is eaten as well as a cannibal. Gingy is bitten trying to save Joseph. Since her and Timmy are the only survivors, Timmy is forced to kill her before she turns.

Appearance Edit

Gingy is a girl with brown hair who wears a jean jacket with a pink tang top and skinny jeans.